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 Power Supplies

We offer our customers a vast and convenient range of high-quality, competitive power supply offerings spanning numerous industries, applications, and functional requirements. Call us to discuss your specific application and we will recommend a solution that fits your needs. 
  • AC/DC Power Supplies
  • DC/DC Converters
  • AC/DC & DC/DC LED Driver
  • Desk-Top, Open Frame, Brick, Outlet/Wall-Mount
  • Medical
  • Industrial

Custom Power Supply Solutions

Serving a diverse cross section of industry-leading global OEM’s, Agility Tech’s highly capable off-shore partner is a prominent industry presence specializing in the in-house design, development and manufacture of high-quality, competitive custom power supply and charger solutions.

Our team of engineers will engage with you and quickly design your custom power supply / charger solutions to achieve your exacting application requirements, specifications and certifications, while meeting your qualification and time-to-market objectives.

Custom Power Supply & Charger Design / Development:

  • Switching Mode PSU’s:
    - AC/DC (10W - 2.5KW)
    - DC/AC & AC/AC (100W - 5KW)
    - DC/DC (10W - 1500W)
  • Multiple Output
  • In-House PCBA Design & Manufacture
  • In-House Magnetic Device Design & Manufacture
  • Open Frame & Enclosed Varieties
  • Custom Metal and Plastic Enclosures
  • Custom Wire Harnesses and Molded Cables
  • Additional In-House Capabilities:
    - Conformal Coating
    - Vibration Testing
    - Temp/Humidity Chamber Testing
    - Salt Spray Testing

Certifications & Regulatory Compliances Include:
ISO 9001 | UL | CSA | CE | CCC | MET | TUV


Contact us today to discuss your EMS requirements. As you can see, we have vast capabilities and can efficiently meet your needs.