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Molded Cable Assemblies

We specialize in the design and manufacture of high-quality, competitive custom-molded cable assembly solutions and production mold tooling.

Agility Tech provides expert product design, DFM and DFx support. We will design and fast-track your mold tooling, and quickly transition your custom products to full turnkey scalable production—competitively manufactured to exacting standards with an accelerated time-to-market.

2022-10-13-AgilityTech HDMI-1
  • High-quality molded cable assemblies of all types, constructions, and complexities
  • Custom-molded connectors, strain-reliefs, ferrites, break-outs, etc.
  • Single stage and pre-mold/over-mold constructions
  • Shielded and non-shielded configurations
  • Standard and custom retention hardware options
  • Molded-in custom logos, designations, and nomenclature
  • Color matching/infinite choice of colors
  • Accelerated product and production mold tooling design and manufacture

Contact us today to discuss your EMS requirements. As you can see, we have vast capabilities and can efficiently meet your needs.