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Injection-Molded Plastic Parts

Agility Tech’s off-shore manufacturing operations are strategically vertically integrated—injection-molded plastics is one of our many synergistic areas of capability and expertise.

We offer our clients expert product design, DFM, DFx support as well as tooling design support. We fast-track your precision production tooling and manage the transition of your products from the design phase to fully scalable production, while maintaining a keen eye on creating value and ROI for our clients. We are in it together—your success is our success.

We provide design and manufacturing excellence:

  • Expert injection-mold tooling design support
  • Quick-turn injection-mold production tooling
  • Highly competitive tooling and part pricing
  • Multitude of compounds and colors
  • Volume flexibility
  • In-house injection molding machines up to 140 tons, with access to larger off-site machines as required

Contact us today to discuss your EMS requirements. As you can see, we have vast capabilities and can efficiently meet your needs.