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Preddio SIMPLICITY™ IoT Overview

Condition-Based Actionable Monitoring & Analytics

Preddio – A Distinguished Agility Tech Technology & Licensing Partner

Agility Tech is proud to be Preddio’s EMS; design, DFM & DFx; tooling; NPI; global manufacturing, and fulfillment partner.

We are equally proud to be Preddio’s licensed agent to the industry for their best-in-class technology. Customized configurations are available and our focus on accelerated time-to-market helps you get your products when you need them.



Preddio Technologies is on the forefront of innovation and industry leading IIoT (industrial internet of things) predictive and control technology—providing reliable, intuitive, and actionable sensing and analytics solutions.

Many industries are using SIMPLICITY by Preddio and capturing significant processing, efficiency, asset management/maintenance, operational gains, and substantially reducing down-time, waste, and spoilage with ease:

  • Breweries & Beverage
  • Dairy Processing
  • Bakeries
  • Healthcare
  • Biomedical
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Agriculture

Quickly & easily revitalize existing infrastructure without costly renovation, system integration, and training:

  • Increased profits
  • Increase production yield and up-time, using process data to compare results
  • Empower operators with traceable safety and performance data in real-time
  • Experience the freedom to explore and quantify continuous improvement objectives (kaizen)
  • Decrease costs
  • Augment existing infrastructure without costly system upgrades
  • Reduce equipment replacement, preventative maintenance, and labor expenses
  • Measure trends and track issues before they become urgent

The Problem:

Traditional control systems are inflexible, difficult, and expensive to update and modernize— therefore, vital data remains hidden, impeding continuous process and operational improvements.

The Solution:

Meet SIMPLICITY™ by Preddio


Unleash the Power of Captive Data – Drive Continuous Improvement and Condition-Based Maintenance – Simply & Easily

Preddio SIMPLICITY is comprised of powerful software and hardware tools that are convenient, easy to install and use, and fit any budget. Preddio’s predictive condition-based actionable monitoring and control technology solves industry-wide control system obstacles and shortfalls, delivering vital intelligence, insights, and value.

preddio-simplicity-laptopUncover unlimited potential to improve productivity, increase quality and efficiency, and reduce waste,  unscheduled maintenance, and down-time with SIMPLICITY:

  • Intuitive monitoring, analytics, and control technology
  • Quick and easy to install—using industry-proven wireless connectivity
  • Provides immediate & actionable results
  • Cyber secure—no IT support needed
  • Compatible with thousands of industrial sensors
  • View data, trends, and alarms securely from anywhere
  • Powerful digital twin technology frees captive data to drive continuous improvement and condition-based maintenance
  • Augment existing infrastructure without costly system upgrades
  • Increase asset life-reduce maintenance and labor expense
  • Measure trends, track issues, and take preemptive action before downtime, waste, and spoilage become a reality
  • Measurable ROI

Simple, cost-effective, monitoring and control technology.
Quick to install, cost effective, providing immediate and actionable results.


Easily connects with third-party digital and analog sensors using a standard M12 connection.



Effortlessly measures surface temperature, vibration, and water presence.



Simultaneously measures pressure and temperature from a single battery-powered device, using a standard 1/4" NPT process fitting.



Seamlessly integrate external data streams using secure cloud-to-cloud APIs.



Plug-and-play setup. Once registered to your account, the gateway automatically connects to a multi-carrier cellular network and securely relays information from wireless sensors to the cloud in real-time. Magnetic, zip-tie, or screw mounts make installation fast, easy, and secure.



Access data remotely from anywhere in the world, using the mobile app or any modern web browser. Secure, responsive, and simple to use, make informed decisions based on concise and actionable data.


Simplicity is a comprehensive, user friendly, and feature-rich solution that monitors industrial & commercial equipment 24/7


The Simplicity Link connects to any sensor


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