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Ribbon Cables & Coil Cords

Ribbon Cable Assemblies

5-ribbon-cableRibbon cable technology is widely used in a broad spectrum of applications and is available in many configurations to meet diverse design and performance requirements. Variables include conductor dielectric material; conductor size, count, color-code and pitch; discrete conductor and twisted pair varieties; twisted pair with varied flat laminated sections; addition of ground planes; jacketed and non-jacketed; shielded and unshielded; non-impedance controlled, as well as impedance-controlled varieties—there are also coaxial ribbon cable varieties.  A vast offering of ribbon-compatible connector systems is available to meet specific design requirements.

Most ribbon cable assemblies can be folded into varied shapes and configurations to accommodate specific routing requirements, and are particularly well-suited in applications that have space constraints. We are well-versed in all ribbon cable options and constructions and have the manufacturing expertise, equipment, and global presence to competitively support all your ribbon cable needs.

Coil Cords

cap-coil-cordsCoil cord assemblies provide flexibility, extension, and retraction cycling for a multitude of dynamic applications. With a wide range of cable constructions and materials in our arsenal, we can assist you in designing and expertly manufacturing coil cord assemblies that meet your demanding requirements. Whether flying leads, connectorized, molded, kitted, etc., we can help you.

Contact us today to discuss your EMS requirements. As you can see, we have vast capabilities and can efficiently meet your needs.