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Why Preddio?

faq☑️ Simplified and intuitive technology solutions—realize unlimited opportunities to improve operational performance and reduce waste &  unexpected maintenance

☑️ Fast and simple deployments – installs in minutes & delivers immediate results

☑️ Mature platform—customizable solutions to meet your specific application and needs, leveraging our existing technology and building blocks

☑️ Service, innovation, and collaboration—we make your unique problems and challenges our own, and we work with you to develop the best solutions possible

Do Simplicity products need access to corporate IT networks?

Access to corporate networks are not needed, as all Simplicity products communicate wirelessly using Bluetooth and Cellular.

How many sensors are supported for each Simplicity Edge gateway?

Each gateway supports up to 50 sensors.

Can I integrate existing process sensors?

Yes! The Simplicity link was designed to connect to existing analog or digital sensors, and also to connect directly to analog system outputs on large equipment (pumps, VFDs, chillers, boilers, etc.).

Can I export data to another system?

Yes! Preddio will enable third-party data exports using its secure APIs.

Can I personalize the cloud user interfaces?

Yes! Preddio designed Simplicity Cloud from the ground up to be enterprise private labeled. All logos, colors, and widgets can be customized to fit your business needs.

How do I change the unit of measure?

You can change between metric and English units in the user settings of the mobile app or cloud platform.

Where are the best places to install the Edge gateway?

Using the included range test feature in the Simplicity Mobile app, the signal strength of the cellular and connected Bluetooth devices can be optimized. Generally speaking, gateways should be located in areas of the building with strong cellular connection, with line-of-sight view of the Simplicity sensors.

What is the range of the sensors and gateway?

All sensors communicate with the gateway using Bluetooth 5.0, which has an advertised range of 800 feet line of sight. In practice, this range is increased or decreased based on the physical and RF environment, and can always be checked using the mobile app range test feature. Using multiple gateways is always recommended to provide redundancy for changing environmental factors.

What if I need a feature that is not currently available?

The Simplicity platform is constantly improving, based on feedback from our great customers. Using the built-in feedback feature, comments and suggestions are categorized and added into our agile development sprints.